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★★★★★ Breast LiftBellesoma + Dr. Ver Halen = Instant Awesome!!!
tinselylozarno – 1 month agoI had me procedure with VA about a month ago. I had done a lot of research before-hand, and had heard all of the hype about how new and improved this procedures was, compared to a regular breast lift. Let me tell you—- It is TRUE!!!! At about 2 weeks ago, the dressings started to come off…. and I could not be happier with the new me!!!! Thank you to everyone who helped to get me my…[read more]

★★★★★ Mini Tummy Tuck

Awesome procedure

I had mini tuck and liposuction in the Dallas location by Dr Ver halen. Best doc ever. He and his Wife are awesome. I’m only 3 weeks but my incision is great. You won’t even notice there is a cut. Am very sore tho from the lipo but anytime I call his wife she is always ready for me to be seen. They will be with you through thick and thin. I will recommend this people 1000%. I love their….[read more]

★★★★★ Mommy Makeover

Thank You!!!! Thank You!!!! Thank You!!!!
swegner544 – 2 months ago

Thank you!!!!! About 1 month ago, I had a complete Mommy Makeover with the team at VA, and I can only say that I wish I had done this YEARS ago! I had 360 lipo, tummy tuck, and a breast lift. They are the absolute best at what they do. They don’t bad-mouth other offices. They know what they can do, and they do it better (and at a way better price) than anywhere else. I am about 3 months….[read more]

★★★★★ Mommy Makeover

I was very nervous but determined!

2 months ago

The entire office staff makes you feel as family from the very first phone call. Shannon, Jennifer, Dana and Elaine are fabulous to talk to. You walk in the door and bam. They talk to ya like you’re BFF’s! I first had Mini tummy tuck and lipo in the office under local anesthesia. My hubby says we were all cutting up through entire process. No complaints what so ever! And love my instant res….[read more]

★★★★★ Liposuction

You GET What You PAY For!!!

3 months ago

I looked all over the Dallas area trying to find the best Dr. for my procedure, and THANK THE LORD I found Dr. Ver Halen! He and his staff are the absolute best! They may have been a little out of my price range to begin with, but I am so blessed I chose him for my Awake Laser Liposuction procedure. They offer everything, too… not just a place that only performs one procedure! I am hoping to….[read more]

★★★★★ Botox


Accept only the best! This girl is a dream come true! I spent my entire life (up to this point) going to places where I had someone who barely took a weekend course was doing my injections. Elaine is the injector that teaches other injectors how to do it! She is worth every dime, and I am her patient for life![read more]

★★★★★ General ConsultationElaine was amazing, best experience. Staff was kind and helpful.

August 2019



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