What Is the Bellesoma Method?

Plastic surgery centers everywhere perform breast surgeries to help you reach your aesthetic and wellness goals, but very few place an emphasis and a focus on method. At DFW Center for Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery in Southlake, TX, we know that it’s essential that you get the best results, which is why we offer several different breast procedures that use the Bellesoma Method to give you not only the best possible outcome possible, but also the most beautiful breasts.

What Is the Bellesoma Method?

The Bellesoma Method is a technique used in breast lifts, breast reductions, and implant removal surgeries to ensure optimal results. Over 500 women worldwide have benefited from this method during their procedures. It was developed by Dr. Gary Horneski, a board-certified plastic surgeon out of Sugar Land, TX. This method uses specialized software, called CAD-CAM, which creates a blueprint of your breasts that helps you get optimal results.

This blueprint enables the surgeon to perform your procedure without ending up with the scars you would get after a standard procedure. The software allows surgeons to better understand your breasts before performing the surgery. This software creates a 3D image of your breasts, creating a blueprint that helps you get the most desired results. During surgery, the blueprint is digitally transposed onto your body to help the surgeon work precisely and accurately.

How Does It Work?

This method takes place in a three-step process. In creating this method, Dr. Horneski addressed the gravity issue that affects women’s breasts. With aging, gravity always wins. Over time, the effect of gravity pulls the breasts downward and can cause sagging and drooping. He solved this issue by transferring the breast weight to the chest muscles.

The chest muscles behind the breasts are so strong that they can withstand gravity, regardless of the aging process, which is why this method has proven to be such an effective way to approach different breast surgeries. The three-step process is critical to ensuring optimal results, both in appearance, results, and patient satisfaction.

Phase One

During the first phase of the Bellesoma Method, excess fat and skin are removed. The breasts are then lifted higher onto the chest wall.

Phase Two

In the second phase, the breasts are secured to the pectoralis major muscle, the strong chest muscle that can withstand gravity’s effect. This phase helps move the breast weight from the skin to the muscle, which addresses and even prevents sagging and drooping.

Phase Three

The third and final stage of this method involves the sutures and addresses scarring. Sutures are placed around the areola and beneath the breast to ensure that there are no visible scars post-surgery.

What Makes It Different?

This method provides an alternative way to perform these different breast surgeries. Instead of simply completing a procedure and sending you onto recovery, this method takes several factors into account, including your final results and the degree of scarring you will experience. This method emphasizes the patient. By reducing visible scarring and improving overall comfort, this method will help you get the best results possible and the most satisfaction.

Using This Method During a Breast Lift

A traditional breast lift involves removing excess skin, tissue, and sometimes fat to lift the breasts higher up on the chest cavity. This procedure does not increase the size of the breasts, but it does change their appearance by lifting them and making them look more youthful. Many women choose to undergo this procedure to correct the signs of aging and address what pregnancy and nursing have done to their breasts.

During a traditional lift, surgeons use one of four common methods to perform the procedure. These methods include the crescent method, the peri-areolar method, the vertical method, and the anchor method. All of these techniques require several different incisions which results in noticeable scarring, except for the crescent method which is recommended for women who have only experienced minor sagging.

The Difference

When you choose the Bellesoma Method for your breast lift, you will notice a dramatic difference. You will not come out of surgery with a vertical scar. Our surgeon will use your breast tissue to create more fullness in the upper half of your breast during the procedure, so your breasts look naturally fuller.
This method will also provide you with a stable suspension of breast tissue by moving the majority of the breast weight onto the chest muscle. The chest muscle’s ability to withstand gravity will help you maintain the best results over time.

Using This Method During a Breast Reduction

A breast reduction is a procedure that reduces the overall size of the breasts to make them more proportional to a woman’s body. A breast reduction can also help alleviate spinal dysfunction and other musculoskeletal pains that often affect women who have breasts that are too large for their frames. In a traditional breast reduction procedure, two primary techniques are used during the surgery. These techniques are known as the lollipop and anchor methods.

Both require two to three incisions which are then closed after the surgeon removes the excess breast tissue before reshaping the breasts. These traditional methods result in visible scarring, but this alternative method allows you to undergo a breast reduction without worrying about a scar.

The Difference

The benefit of the Bellesoma Method, when used during a breast reduction procedure, is that patients do not end up with a vertical scar. Additionally, all incisions are hidden in the breast crease, which is located beneath the breast. With this method, our surgeon will use your own breast tissue to add fullness to the upper half of the breasts.
It will also result in dramatically reduced musculoskeletal pain. When we use this method, the breasts are attached to the chest muscle during the procedure, and the result is life-changing. Post-op, you will have significantly less back, neck, and shoulder pain. You will be able to get back to all of the things you love without dealing with chronic pain.


Using This Method During Implant Removal Surgery

Many women choose to remove their implants for many different reasons. This is a procedure no one takes lightly, and when you do decide to undergo an implant removal procedure, you may feel apprehensive about how your breasts will look post-op.

We want to put your mind at ease and let you know that when you choose our office for this procedure, we can help you get the best results by employing this particular method during treatment. When you come in for your initial consultation, we will discuss the ways that this unique method can give you optimal results during and after your implant removal surgery.

What Are the Benefits?

This method has many different benefits, all of which help the patients experience the best results possible, during and after their procedures.

It Eliminates the Vertical Scar

Almost all elective cosmetic surgeries result in some degree of scarring. This is true of breast surgeries as well, but when we employ this unique method during your particular procedure, we can effectively eliminate the vertical scar that is definitive of most breast surgeries. Many women are less than thrilled about ending up with a vertical scar, but it won’t be a factor anymore when they choose this method.
Sutures will be placed around the areola and beneath the crease at the bottom of the breast. As the skin heals, so too will the incisions but there will be no visible scarring. Women who undergo a breast procedure that employs this method won’t have to worry about a visible vertical scar; it won’t even be a consideration.


It Reduces Discomfort

Not only does this method hide visible scarring, but it also significantly reduces the amount of neck, back, and shoulder pain that often results from oversized breasts prior to surgery. A recent study revealed that women who underwent surgery where the surgeon used this method experienced significantly less pain once their surgery was complete.

Neck, back, and shoulder pain can be all-encompassing. It can affect your day and life in many different ways, but this method can eliminate that pain and save you many trips to the chiropractor. Most women experience significantly reduced pain; for others, this method eliminates the pain altogether.

It Makes the Breasts Appear Fuller

Another benefit of this method is that it makes your breasts look fuller and perkier, regardless of which procedure you choose. The Bellesoma method increases upper pole fullness in the breasts without the need for implants or fat transfers. Moving the breast tissue higher in attaching it to the chest wall creates a fuller-looking appearance that is entirely natural but definitely more youthful.

Some women want fuller-looking breasts, but they don’t want to use an implant or undergo a fat transfer to reach that goal. This is entirely understandable. One of the many benefits of using this method during your procedure is that it will enhance the shape of your breasts and make them look fuller without using anything other than your natural tissue to do so.

You Can Still Breast Feed

Many surgeons will advise that you wait until you are done nursing to undergo a breast procedure. If you have your heart set on nursing your children but haven’t finished having children or haven’t even begun, we have good news. When you choose this method for your procedure, you will maintain the normal functioning of the breasts, glands, and nipples.

This method maintains your normal breast structure and, in doing so, doesn’t affect your glands. You will be able to nurse later on in life after you undergo a procedure with this method.

Am I a Candidate?

If you are planning on undergoing an implant removal surgery, a breast lift, or a breast reduction, this method will benefit you in many different ways. The first step in determining if you are a good candidate for a procedure that employs this method is to schedule an initial consultation here at our office. We will discuss your goals, your intended procedure during this consultation and then further explain this method and all of its benefits.


Schedule Your Consultation Today

If you are considering a breast lift, breast reduction, or a breast implant removal procedure, there is a way to get the best results possible and achieve all of your goals, including avoiding visible scarring. Contact us today at DFW Center for Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery in Southlake, TX, to schedule your initial consultation to learn more about the Bellesoma Method and how it can benefit you and help you reach all of your aesthetic goals.



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