How Long Do Results Last From a Fat Transfer to the Breasts?

Women who want to alter the size of their breasts have several surgical options to choose from. At DFW Center for Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery in Southlake, TX, we believe that a fat transfer to breasts is an excellent choice for women who want to achieve natural-looking results.

Fat transfer to breasts works by taking fat from one region of the body and injecting the fat into the breasts to achieve a moderate volume increase. Unlike breast implants, the amount of volume that can be achieved with this procedure is usually only enough to increase the fullness of the breasts, rather than significantly increase breast size. Learn more about what you can expect before and after this procedure.

How Long Do Results Last From a Fat Transfer to the Breasts?

The results of a fat transfer to breasts procedure are intended to last for a lifetime. Fat cells are uniquely durable in the human body, particularly fat that is used for a fat transfer. In other words, because fat cells are reluctant to go away, you can expect the results of your fat transfer to last a lifetime.

How Do Fat Cells Survive?

Fat cells are different from other cells in the body. For one thing, fat cells are not capable of regeneration; instead, fat cells can swell to accommodate more fat storage. The unique behavior of fat cells is largely why you will be able to enjoy long-lasting results with this procedure.

What Could Impact Your Results?

The only factor that will impact your results is your ability to maintain a healthy, steady weight. For example, if you lose a significant amount of weight, then this may cause the fat in your breasts to shrink. Likewise, if you gain a significant amount of weight, you may find that the size of your breasts will also increase.

You can manage your weight for long-lasting results by eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly. Your diet should ideally be high in healthy fats, low in unhealthy fats, and include both reduced sugar and salt intake. Employing these strategies will make it easier to maintain your desired weight.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is Fat Grafted From?

The fat used in your fat grafting procedure will usually be harvested from areas such as the thighs, back, hips, abdomen, and buttocks. Some women who use this procedure use the opportunity to reduce unwanted fat in other areas of the body, which can help them achieve their desired aesthetic goals.

Liposuction is typically used to harvest unwanted fat. This part of the procedure is designed to be as minimally invasive as possible to reduce trauma to the body and achieve more natural-looking results that are easier to recover from. We can discuss the fat grafting portion of this procedure during your consultation.

How Should I Prepare for the Procedure?

To prepare for a fat grafting procedure, you’ll need to make substantive changes one to two weeks before your procedure date. For example, you may need to stop using certain medications, begin an antibiotic regimen, and fill other prescriptions to help you manage pain during recovery. Some medications and supplements you will not be allowed to take for two weeks before your procedure can include aspirin, Ibuprofen, Motrin, omega-3, and fish oil.

Dietary Changes

You will need to make some dietary changes before your procedure, such as avoiding alcohol consumption for at least two weeks. You should also discontinue the use of any tobacco products before your surgery so that you can avoid extending your recovery time. You should be sure to eat lightly the day before your treatment and only sip water for at least eight to 10 hours before your procedure.

Will I Need To Arrange for Time Off Work?

Although recovering from a fat transfer to the breasts is less extensive than other breast augmentation procedures, you will still likely want to arrange for time off of work. Most women who use this procedure will request at least three to five days off of work to get through the most important recovery period.

In addition to your requesting time off work, you may also want to arrange for at-home care for the first few days after your surgery. It can be helpful to create a recovery area at home.

What Is Recovery Like?

The recovery time for any breast augmentation procedure will be significant. Overall, your recovery period can last two to four weeks, depending on how well you are responding to the treatment. Some instructions you will need to follow during your recovery will include:


You may be given prescriptions to take during your recovery, such as antibiotics or pain management medications. Please take these medications as prescribed. If you are not prescribed pain-relieving medication, then you should be able to use Tylenol during your immediate recovery. You should continue to avoid blood-thinning medications and supplements for at least two weeks.


After your surgery, a low-fat diet is usually your best tool to assist in your recovery. You should avoid high sugar, high fat, and high salt foods for several days while you are recovering.

In part, this is because you will not be able to do any activity for a few days, and these foods can make it very easy to gain weight. More importantly, your body will heal faster when you are eating foods with high nutritional value. You should also drink at least 48 oz to 64 oz of water a day to maintain adequate hydration in your body.


You will be restricted from most activities for the first one to two weeks after your procedure. About 24-48 hours after your surgery, you should begin walking around your house to maintain healthy blood circulation. Five to seven days after your procedure, you may be able to engage in light cardio activity, such as walking outside or indoor cycling at light speeds.

Will I Need a Compression Bra?

A compression bra will either be fitted for you, or you will need to purchase one after your surgery. Compression is very important, as it encourages healing and will ensure that your results develop as desired. It’s important to buy a compression garment that does not have any underwire. For some women, using a medium to high-impact sports bra is adequate if you are unable to find a compression bra that fits.

For areas of the body where liposuction has been used, you may also need to wear compression garments. Using compression garments on areas that have been treated with liposuction will ensure that your body contour to your desired shape. Spanx is often a good option.

Is There a Best Time for This Treatment?

It will take several weeks for you to fully recover from this procedure, so if you are having a fat transfer for breasts to prepare for an important life event, then you should try to schedule your procedure at least four to six months before your occasion. This will ensure that you have enough time to recover and that your results have developed optimally.

Why Should I Consider This Treatment?

There are several reasons why women consider this treatment over other breast augmentation. For example, a fat transfer to breasts produces results that are more natural-looking than breast augmentation with implants.

Women who can enhance the size or shape of their breasts to fit their ideal aesthetics often feel more confident about themselves. This procedure can also balance your body proportions, because it will moderately increase the size of the breasts, and will also reduce unwanted fat in other areas of the body.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Most women who are healthy are good potential candidates for this procedure. You will need to attend a medical examination to determine whether you are medically eligible for this surgery. During a consultation, you and your surgeon will go over your motivations for having this procedure and the results you can realistically expect.

Consider a Fat Transfer to Breasts for Your Aesthetic Goals

If you want to moderately increase the size or fullness of your breasts, then a fat transfer to the breasts may be an ideal surgical option for you. This procedure is particularly effective for producing natural-looking results, especially in women who do not want to use breast implants. Contact us at DFW Center for Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery in Southlake, TX to schedule your consultation today.



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