How Fast Does Xeomin Work?

If you’ve been noticing fine lines or wrinkles on your face lately, you’re probably looking for a way to look like your younger self again. Here at DFW Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery in Colleyville, Texas, we offer many different treatments for our patients to combat wrinkles and the effects of aging on their skin. One of the best and most effective is Xeomin, a cosmetic injectable that will help you smooth away and erase fine lines and wrinkles. We’re going to tell you more about this aesthetics treatment right now.

How Fast Does Xeomin Work?

Xeomin is not just a safe and effective treatment, but it provides amazingly quick results: within a few days, you’ll see what this injectable can do for your skin and appearance. It won’t take more than a few days to see the results from this treatment, which will help you look younger and feel more confident, too. You’ll see the full results about a week or two after your treatment session. The results should last about four months, so most of our patients schedule touch-up sessions about three times each year.

What Type of Treatment Is It?

It’s essential to understand exactly what kind of treatment you’ll be undergoing. In fact, Xeomin is a cosmetic injectable that’s a lot like Botox. It’s FDA-approved for treating the wrinkles (frown lines) that form right between the eyebrows. Not only does this treatment work very quickly, but it’s also easy to recover from and requires virtually no downtime at all. In fact, unlike other surgical solutions, you won’t have to worry about taking time off from work or dealing with any of the risks involved.

What Causes Fine Lines and Wrinkles?

If you’re looking to get rid of the wrinkles and fine lines that occur from age, it’s important to understand why these wrinkles form in the first place. While there are various reasons why this happens, the primary reason is the proteins in your skin undergoing changes.

You’ve probably heard of these proteins before: they’re called collagen and elastin, and they help your skin maintain its own structure. As we age, the skin’s production of collagen and elastin starts to slow and diminish. While it’s a natural side effect of aging, it can be exacerbated by things like repeated facial movements and prolonged exposure to the sun.

What Are Dynamic Wrinkles?

Dynamic wrinkles are the ones that are formed by emotion and the repeated facial movements that you make every day throughout your life. Anytime you make an expression: smiling, laughing, furrowing your brow, squinting, crying or any other emotions, the muscles and the skin on top of them move in the same way, time after time.

While you are young and still have high collagen and elastin levels, your skin can easily bounce back and remain smooth. However, after the levels start to drop, your skin becomes less elastic and loses the ability to smooth itself out. Since it can’t smooth out as easily, it tends to stay in the contracted positions of your facial expressions, which forms the wrinkles and fine lines you see in the mirror.

How Does This Treatment Fix Wrinkles?

It can be particularly tough to treat dynamic wrinkles since they’re caused by repeated facial expressions. That’s because it’s simply impossible to avoid making facial expressions. However, just because wrinkles are unavoidable doesn’t mean that you have to live with them as a permanent addition to your face. That’s why this treatment is so popular—it provides the perfect way to treat and eliminate dynamic wrinkles and offers much better results than treatments like topical creams or serums. The results are also faster and safer than undergoing a surgical procedure.

Effective Results for Smoother, Younger-Looking Skin

This injectable is a neuromodulator that’s made from the same bacterium as Botox. To get a bit technical, this bacterium is called Clostridium botulinum, which essentially creates botulinum toxin type A. Don’t worry—just because the words may sound a bit technical doesn’t mean that this treatment isn’t safe. It’s been carefully studied and approved by the FDA to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Once you receive this xeomin treatment, the neuromodulator works by intercepting the signals sent between your nerves and muscles. It intercepts and blocks these signals, which forces the skin to relax into a smooth position. The final result? Smooth, radiant, youthful-looking skin that will make you look and feel more confident.

What Concerns Can It Treat?

This cosmetic injectable can be easily used to treat any dynamic wrinkles formed on the face due to the effects of aging. However, the primary use for this injectable is to treat frown lines, which are the wrinkles that form in-between your eyebrows when you furrow your brow. It can treat different types of wrinkles other than frown lines, though. For example, if you have fine lines around the eyes (crow’s feet) or horizontal lines running across your forehead, this treatment can help smooth away and eliminate those lines.

What Is a Treatment Session Like?

The xeomin treatment process for this injectable is actually quite simple. Once you head to our gorgeous, state-of-the-art facility in Southlake, TX, you’ll have an initial consultation so we can determine your general medical history and develop a customized treatment plan so you can achieve your aesthetic goals.

What Should You Do to Prepare?

Fortunately, there is very little that you will have to do to prepare for your treatment session. While certain cosmetic injectables may have some preparation requirements, there are only a few things you should keep in mind before you come in for this treatment. The most important thing to do is to avoid any alcohol consumption for at least a full day before you come in for your treatment session. You should also avoid any type of blood-thinning medication, such as aspirin.

What Occurs During a Treatment Session?

One of the best parts about this treatment is that the process itself is very fast and quite simple. We’ll start by preparing your skin in the treatment area to receive the injection by sterilizing it. Then, we use a small amount of numbing cream, which will help you stay comfortable and pain-free during the entire process.

What Are the Benefits of This Treatment?

It’s Entirely Safe

One of the first questions many of our patients ask with any cosmetic treatment concerns safety. Since this treatment is non-invasive, there’s no messy incision or painful downtime. Of course, it’s entirely safe. Not only is the formula completely safe, but it’s also approved by the FDA, or Food and Drug Administration.

We told you earlier that this treatment is similar to Botox, but unlike Botox, it doesn’t contain any additional proteins. Botox may be an effective way to treat wrinkles, but it does contain different additives that may be unsafe for people with certain sensitivities. Unlike Botox, this treatment has no additional proteins, which means it’s a great option for those who have reacted negatively to Botox.

Each Session Is Very Quick

As you may know, surgery can be time-consuming, both during the actual procedure and the recovery time afterward. Most patients need to spend weeks preparing for their surgery. That’s why a cosmetic injectable like this one is such an excellent treatment option: there’s no prep beforehand, and the actual treatment session is very quick. In fact, most sessions last anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes, meaning you can squeeze it in on your lunch break.

There’s No Recovery Time Required

Another drawback to surgery is the long recovery period that you must endure afterward. Frequently, you would be required to take time off work to recover. However, with a cosmetic injectable, there’s no long downtime or recovery period required at all. Of course, you’ll need to avoid things like strenuous exercise and direct sunlight, but other than that, you can go right back to work after your treatment session.

This Treatment Lasts a Long Time

This treatment isn’t permanent, but you can enjoy results for about four months before you’ll need a touch-up session. Other factors will also affect how long it lasts, including how much formula you need and the number of treatment areas you have.

Smooth Away Frown Lines and Wrinkles Today

If you’re ready to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles on your face, then Xeomin is the treatment you’re looking for. This cosmetic injectable is perfect for those who have dynamic wrinkles or frown lines due to age. Contact us today at DFW Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery in Southlake, TX, and schedule your first appointment to learn more about this treatment.



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