How a Mini Facelift Can Transform Your Face

Are you just beginning to see signs of aging and sagging in your lower face and neck? These signs can commonly occur as a person enters their early 40s or even late 30s. However, often at this age, sagging and wrinkling can be so mild that a full traditional facelift isn’t indicated to lift these areas. In this case, we may recommend a mini facelift instead.

A mini facelift goes by many names such as an S-lift, a short scar facelift, and a quick facelift. But regardless of what it is called, it can offer the same excellent benefits for individuals who want a quick boost with a shorter recovery time. At DFW Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery in Southlake, TX, we provide mini facelifts for patients who are younger or who have milder sagging in the face and neck.

What Is a Mini Facelift? 

A mini facelift is a less invasive facelift when compared to a traditional facelift. This surgery is sometimes called a short scar facelift or an S-lift because of the shorter, “S”-shaped scar that is made in front of the ear and in the hairline. With this short scar, we are still able to get to the underlying musculature and tissues in order to lift these structures and provide a better contour for your face. Then, we can remove excess skin and redrape the skin for a natural-looking lift. 

How Is a Mini Facelift Different From a Traditional Facelift?

The main difference between a mini facelift and a traditional facelift is the scope of the surgery and the length of the incision. During a traditional facelift, an incision is made starting at the hairline of the temple, extending around the front of the ear, and behind the ear into the hairline at the base of the head. This allows us to provide more extensive tightening of the underlying tissues and muscles as well. More skin is typically removed with a traditional facelift. 

Mini facelifts involve a more limited degree of muscle tightening or repositioning, but can still involve using sutures to lift and support the muscles of the lower face and neck creating a more rejuvenated appearance. However, a mini facelift may not be appropriate for those with more severe sagging. 

What Are the Benefits of a Mini Facelift? 

Faster Surgery

While the time that you spend in the operating room is different for every individual case, an S-lift is typically a quick facelift compared to a traditional facelift. You will likely only spend a couple of hours under anesthesia, and it may even be able to be performed with local anesthesia. 

Shorter Recovery Time

Mini facelift procedures often involve a shorter recovery time. This can enable you to return to work and other activities sooner. Most people are comfortable returning to a normal schedule after one to two weeks. 

Smaller Incisions

A smaller incision offers several benefits. First, it is part of the reason for the shorter recovery time. Second, it helps to minimize scarring after your procedure. While our incisions are always hidden well, a mini facelift scar can be even less noticeable. 

Subtle Improvements

If you are in your 40s and want a boost but don’t want to look like you have had “work” done, a mini lift can provide a subtle and natural-looking solution. Results can often cause the face to look much more rejuvenated and awake without changing the essential features of your face. 

How Can a Facelift Transform Your Face? 

Tightens Sagging Skin

During a mini facelift, sagging skin is pulled gently upward, the excess is removed, and the skin is repositioned for a natural but smoother appearance. This can resolve sagging skin on the jawline and some folds and wrinkles on the neck. If you have mild jowling beginning or small amounts of loose skin in the upper neck, this can often resolve it. 

Reduces the Appearance of Wrinkles

A quick facelift can be a good way to smooth away wrinkles and lines in the lower half of the face. It can help address nasolabial folds and marionette lines to create a smoother and more contoured appearance on the lower half of the face. 

Defines Facial Contours

If you have noticed that the shape of your jaw has become hidden under sagging skin, a mini lift can redefine your jawline creating a more pleasing contour to your face. 

The Mini Facelift Procedure

You will begin your mini facelift with a consultation. While everyone wants a less-invasive and faster facelift, some patients may be better candidates for a full facelift. If we determine that your concerns can be effectively addressed with the mini lift, we will schedule an appointment for your surgery. 

For your surgery, you will either be placed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia. Then the incision will be made on each side of your face from the temple to under the ear. We will lift the skin and perform suturing of underlying structures to lift them. Then we will redrape the skin, remove the excess, and close the incisions.

The area will be bandaged to help protect your incision sites. This dressing can often be removed several days after your surgery. You will want to avoid any strenuous activity, heavy lifting, and bending over for the first week. As the swelling from your mini facelift procedure goes down, you can begin to see your full results. 

Enjoy Younger Looking Skin With a Mini Facelift

If you are looking for a less-invasive facelift that can help make your appearance more refreshed, we can help at DFW Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery. Our mini facelift procedures can offer the right solution for many patients with mild signs of aging. Call us today for services in Southlake, TX, or schedule your consultation online.



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