Expert Advice on Choosing the Right Butt Lift Procedure

If you’ve found yourself dissatisfied with the shape, size, or contour of your buttocks, you’re not alone. For a solution, many people turn to a butt lift, a treatment that offers significant enhancements to your posterior profile. Whether it’s a lack of volume, uneven proportions, or the lack of a smooth contour, a butt lift treatment can provide you with the physical changes you’re seeking.

Navigating through the world of cosmetic treatments can be difficult, especially with the array of butt lift treatments and options available. That’s why it’s crucial to find one that is tailored to your needs. At DFW Center for Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery, we’re fortunate to have the expertise of Dr. Jon Ver Halen, MD, FACS. His extensive experience with all types of butt lift treatments, from the popular Brazilian butt lift to non-surgical butt contouring, means that you are in capable hands when seeking to enhance your buttocks area.

What Is a Butt Lift?

A butt lift is a cosmetic treatment that focuses on improving the shape, size, and overall appearance of the buttocks. It encompasses a wide range of treatments, including implants, Brazilian butt lift, and non-invasive treatments, all aiming to create a more balanced figure. Each treatment offers unique methods and results, tailored to the individual’s specific needs and desired outcome.

What Are the Different Types of Butt Lift? 

Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift, or BBL, is one of the most common types of buttock enhancement treatments. It involves harvesting fat from other areas of the body via liposuction and carefully injecting it into the buttocks to improve its volume or shape. This treatment can be beneficial both because you are using your own body fat rather than synthetic materials and because it can also sculpt other areas where you might have too much fat.

Butt Lift With Implants

For those seeking a more dramatic change or those who don’t have enough harvestable fat, a butt augmentation involving implants may be the right option. In this procedure, silicone implants are surgically placed within the buttocks to enhance their volume and shape. The use of implants in BBL surgery ensures a noticeable change in size.

Non-Surgical Butt Lift

A non-surgical butt augmentation uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and filler injections to stimulate subtle changes to the buttock area. This type of treatment can be ideal for those who are not interested in surgery or who only have small concerns they want to address. We can also offer non-invasive treatments that target cellulite in the buttocks or other areas. 

Buttock Liposculpture

The areas above and below your buttocks are sometimes just as important to focus on as the buttocks itself. In buttock liposculpture, we sculpt the abdomen, waist, and thighs to further accentuate your butt and make it look more balanced and shapely. This can be done by itself or in combination with other treatments or procedures.

What Should You Consider When Choosing the Right Butt Lift Procedure?

Personal Goals and Desired Outcome

Your personal aesthetic goals play a crucial role in determining the right treatment for you. If you’re aiming for an enhancement that uses your body’s natural resources and wants to improve both the shape and size of your buttocks, a Brazilian buttock lift might be the perfect choice. However, if you desire a more pronounced change in size, implants or a non-surgical butt lift may be more suitable.

Body Type and Anatomy

Your unique body type and anatomy should also guide your treatment choice. Some treatments, like butt contouring, may be better suited for individuals who wish to refine their buttock shape rather than increase volume. On the other hand, those with a lean body may not have enough fat for a Brazilian butt lift and might consider implants or non-surgical augmentation instead.

Recovery Time and Downtime

The recovery period and associated downtime are other vital considerations. BBL surgery, for instance, has a more extensive recovery period compared to non-surgical treatments. You’ll need to consider your personal and professional commitments and decide if you can accommodate the recovery time required for your chosen treatment. Be sure to discuss these considerations in detail with us so that you can make an informed decision that aligns with your lifestyle and expectations.

What to Expect From the Process

Detailed Consultations

Every treatment journey starts with a detailed consultation. This initial discussion provides an opportunity to discuss your aesthetic goals, assess your body type, and explore the most suitable butt contouring treatments. We will explain the process in detail, ensure you’re a suitable candidate, and discuss your expected results.

Pre-Operative Preparation

Once you’ve decided on a treatment, you’ll be guided through pre-operative preparation. For a butt lift, this may include instructions on diet, exercise, and medication adjustments.

Aftercare and Recovery

Post-treatment care plays a significant role in achieving the best results. After a BBL there are specific recovery protocols to follow, such as avoiding sitting directly on your buttocks for a certain period, wearing a compression garment, and adhering to a follow-up schedule.

Long-Term Results and Maintenance

Achieving your desired butt enhancement is just the beginning. Maintaining these results over the long term often requires certain lifestyle adjustments. You may be instructed to maintain a steady weight or have regular follow-up visits.

Butt Lift Before and After Pictures

Butt Lift Before and After | DFW Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery Butt Lift Before and After | DFW Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery

Learn More With a Personalized Consultation

Choosing the right butt lift or gluteal augmentation treatment is an important decision that is made easier by knowing all of the options available. At DFW Center for Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery in Southlake, TX, we are here to help you make an informed choice that is tailored to you. If you’re ready to explore your options, give us a call at (817) 953-7142 or complete our online form to schedule your consultation today.



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