What Is Recovery from a Breast Lift Like?

If you’re interested in getting a breast lift, there are probably a few questions on your mind, like:

  • What type of breast lift is best suited to your needs?
  • What does a breast lift procedure options actually involve? (Find out here.)

Another common concern for women seeking a breast lift is the recovery. Will it be long or difficult? What about painful?

Recovering from a Breast Lift

Across the different types of breast lifts, recovery includes some common aspects. After surgery, you’ll be given post-operative garments to wear. This will help keep you comfortable. Once these garments are removed, you can start wearing your compression bra. This should be worn for at least four weeks and sometimes longer, depending on the procedure performed. It helps to maintain the lift and shape of your new breasts.

The entire healing process for any type of breast lift surgery can take one to four weeks, depending on the type of lift performed. You will be able to go back to work and resume normal daily activities within a week after surgery, depending on the type of lift you choose. It’s recommended, though, to avoid any strenuous exercise for the first few weeks following surgery.

Read on for answers to your questions about all things breast lift recovery.

Crescent Breast Lift

When performing a crescent lift, a plastic surgeon makes one incision that runs halfway along the top outer edge of your areolas. The scar is practically invisible, as it’s hidden by the naturally darker color of the areolas.

This type of lift surgery takes only an hour or two to perform. When it’s over, you’re free to go home. We’ll send you with some pain medication, but many women find they only need to take such medication for a few days after surgery. Swelling, mild in nature, usually subsides in two to three weeks.

Peri-Areolar Breast Lift (“Donut Lift”)

Using this technique, a plastic surgeon makes one incision around the entire edge of the areolas. This breast lift methods results in a scar that is barely visible. Most women who have peri-areolar lifts can return to work after a few days. Full recovery time may be two to four weeks, during which you might still notice a bit of swelling.

Vertical Breast Lift (“Lollipop Lift”)

During a vertical breast lift, a plastic surgeon makes two incisions:

  1. A circular incision around the outer edge of the areolas
  2. A vertical incision from the bottom of the areolas to the breast crease (known as the inframammary fold)

Breast lift recovery time may take a few weeks. During these few weeks, swelling, soreness, and bruising may be present, gradually subsiding over time. But after that period, your breasts will soften and take on a more natural, youthful look.

Anchor Breast Lift (“Inverted T” Lift)

When carrying out the lift surgery, three incisions are made. The first circles the outer edge of the areolas. The second runs from the bottom of the areolas to the breast crease. And the third incision runs horizontally along the breast crease. Breast lift recovery time for this type of lift is around a month. Plastic surgeons advise that you avoid strenuous physical activity for the month following anchor lift surgery. Having said that, you can safely return to work and resume normal activities after one to two weeks.

Breast Lift with Augmentation

If you would like to add a youthful look to your breasts while also adding volume, then a breast lift with augmentation is the way to go. Breast augmentation can involve the use of implants (silicone, saline, or gummy bear) or fat transfer (where fat from elsewhere on your body is transferred to your breasts).

The length of this type of breast lift procedure options is 90 to 150 minutes. Usually, patients can return to work after one to two weeks. Cosmetic surgeons recommend that you avoid vigorous exercise for three weeks. Visible bruising should subside within two weeks, with mild swelling disappearing completely after three weeks. Pain medication may only be necessary for a few days after lift surgery.

Bellesoma Method™

The Bellesoma breast lift surgery is a new, revolutionary procedure. It allows women to achieve full, perkier looking breasts without implants or vertical scars. The plastic surgeon is able to restore a youthful shape by forming new breast mounds and placing them higher up on the chest. The cosmetic surgeon then secures the breast mounds to the chest muscle for support. Sutures are placed under your breast crease to ensure no vertical scarring. Your own breast tissue is used to add fullness to your breasts. No fat transfer or implants are required.

Recovery time for the Bellesoma technique is around 7 to 10 days, although many patients return to work after 3 to 4 days. Since there are fewer incisions on the breast, the healing and recovery time is quicker. Although you can return to work in less than a week, it’s recommended not to do any heavy lifting for four weeks. Most patients can return to light cardio exercise at three to four days after surgery.

After surgery your plastic surgeon will place you in a post-operative dressing that’s removed 24 hours post-op in the office. At that time you’ll get your own underwire bra to wear for the next three to six months. This bra ensures that your breasts settle in the best position. Pain medication will be provided to help ease any discomfort for the first few days following lift surgery.

Generally speaking, about a month after surgery, you should notice your desired results and be back to normal. It’s important to stay in touch with Dr. Ver Halen, so he can check that you’ve achieved your expected results. Any concerns during your recovery should also be raised. These can be addressed in follow-up appointments, where Dr. Ver Halen will discuss options for moving forward. You may cover topics such as medication and lifestyle changes.

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At DFW Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery, we are determined to help you find the breast lift procedure options that is right for you and ensure the process is as comfortable as possible from beginning to end. Contact us today to learn more about the options we offer!



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