A Fat Transfer For Permanent Breast Augmentation

In today’s world of medical science, it’s easier than ever to modify, correct, and increase your self-confidence with both surgical and non-surgical procedures. Here at DFW Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery, we specialize in a variety of treatments that can help augment your breasts to increase things such as size, shape, and form. 

With fat transfer breast augmentation, you can achieve permanent results using the fat found throughout your body. Making breast augmentation with fat transfers a safe alternative to traditional silicone and saline breast implants.

What is Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer?

When it comes to shaping, enhancing, and gaining more symmetrical breasts, many people think of traditional breast implants that use a foreign source such as silicone or saline. While these breast implants are an effective way to enhance your appearance, and many achieve the results that they want, there’s always a risk of your body rejecting silicone or saline implants that can cause complications and additional health issues.

With breast augmentation using fat transfer, you can get the breasts that best fit you using what your body already has. Since fat transfer breast augmentation uses your body’s fat it reduces the risk of rejection all while allowing you to shape and lift your breasts.

This process is done by taking excess fat from a variety of locations and transferring it into the breast area. Unlike traditional implants that use silicone or saline, breast augmentation using fat transfer is a great option for many people who may not be able to use saline or silicone implants.

The Benefits of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Since fat transfer breast augmentation uses your body’s fat, it provides you with a variety of benefits that other implant options may not have. Depending on your specific needs and desired results, fat transfer breast augmentation may be able to provide you with the breasts that you want without the need to introduce a foreign substance into your body.

Uses Fat From Your Own Body

Nothing is safer when undergoing breast enhancements than using what’s already there within your body. Using your excess fat from a variety of areas throughout your body, these breast augmentations are extremely safe and available for those who may not be good candidates for silicone or saline implants.

The fat used for fat transfer breast augmentations is typically pulled from the following areas where fat is easily accessible and safe to use.


  • Thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Flank
  • Calves
  • Arms

Longer Lasting Results

Over time saline and silicone implants may need to be re-addressed to keep up with your desired results. With fat transfer breast augmentation, however, the results last longer than most other kinds of breast enhancements on the market. This varies from person to person and is not a guaranteed solution for permanent breast enhancement, however, most patients receive lifelong results that they love. Final results from a fat transfer breast augmentation can take up to six months before you see your final results.

Allows For More Natural Shaping

Using your natural fat allows for the shaping of your breasts to appear more natural and fitting than other breast treatments. This natural look can compliment your body in such a way that people won’t know that you had breast work done unless you choose to tell them. Many patients enjoy the fact that their augmentations are hardly noticeable and fit naturally with the shape, fit, and flow of their bodies.

Minimal Incisions and Scarring

One of the many downsides to any surgical procedure is the scars that are left behind. With a fat transfer breast augmentation, there’s minimal scarring thanks to the small incision size needed to perform the treatment. Tiny incisions are typically made in a circular pattern around the perimeter of the breast where small amounts of fat are injected into the breast tissue.

The Fat Transfer Process

Starting your journey towards obtaining breasts that can boost your self-confidence can feel overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin. We’re here to help you every step of the way, from your initial consultation where you’ll discuss your desired results and any important information with one of our surgeons, all the way through your recovery and follow-up.

For fat transfer breast augmentations, we’ll make a series of small incisions in a circular pattern around your breasts. Then using the excess fat from areas that have been predetermined by you and our surgeons we’ll inject small amounts of fat directly into the breast tissue until you get your desired results.

Final results are typically seen within six months of the procedure, however, throughout your recovery, it’s important to follow all aftercare instructions that we provide. This not only ensures that you’ll heal properly but can also help protect you from infections and other complications that could affect your breasts.

Some of the basic aftercare things that you should follow and can expect post-procedure include things such as the following.

  • Swelling and bruising are normal
  • Compression garments may be recommended
  • Keep surface sutures on for 5-14 days
  • Keep the incision clean
  • Inspect daily for any signs of infection
  • Call your provider for any questions or serious concerns

Boost Your Confidence With Breast Augmentation in Southlake, TX

At DFW Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery, we’re here to help you both look and feel your best when it comes to the latest in medical procedures. With our breast augmentations with fat transfer, we can help increase your overall confidence by helping you achieve the results that you want. To learn more about our breast augmentation treatments, call us today and set up your initial consultation with our specialists.



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